About chocolate

Chocolate has a lot of relatives in a straight line. All of them are real representatives of the chocolate family.

Dark chocolate - contains at least 45% of cocoa products (grated cocoa and cocoa butter), bitter - from 45 to 87%.

Dessert - more delicate than its counterparts: cocoa is grinded for it with special care, and the chocolate mass is prepared longer.

Milk chocolate - always contains milk powder. Cocoa products in it are up to 35%.

Porous - it does not stand out in composition, just at the final stage of production carbon dioxide is “blown” into the chocolate mass under pressure.

White chocolate - is undeservedly considered the stepson in the vast chocolate family. Many people don’t even consider him chocolate. In vain: white does not contain grated cocoa, but it contains a lot of cocoa butter, powdered sugar, milk and vanilla.