About chocolateAbout chocolate

About chocolate


Chocolate has a lot of lineal relatives. All of them are true representatives of the chocolate family.

  • Dark chocolate – contains at least 45% of cacao products (crude chocolate and cocoa butter), bitter – from 45 to 87%.
  • Fondant – more tender as compared to its fellows: to make it cacao is grinded with particular care, and chocolate mass is prepared for a longer time.
  • Milk – always contains dried milk. Cacao products content: up to 35%.
  • Aerated – its composition doesn’t stand out, chocolate mass is simply saturated with carbon dioxide under pressure at the final stage of production.
  • White chocolate – it is undeservingly considered a stepson in the large family of chocolate. Many people do not consider it to be chocolate at all. It is in vain: the white one doesn’t contain crude cocoa, but has a lot of cocoa butter, sugar powder, milk and vanillin.

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