Museum-Coffee "Kommunarka"

Every year, people in the world spend $ 7 million on chocolate. As a rule, about 1 million - in November and December. Minskers had an excellent opportunity to correct world statistics already in September.

Remember the phrase from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:«"Charlie Bucket was the happiest boy in the whole world, he just didn’t know that?" So, many residents of the capital who have not yet had time to visit the renovated coffee shop, located next to the main entrance of Kommunarka Jsc (Minsk, st. Aranskaya 18), they also don’t yet know how happy you can feel as soon as you cross the threshold of this establishment.

Sweet tooth and more

Kommunarka not only opened a cafe in a new format, but also proposed an original concept, combining a coffee shop and a chocolate museum on one site. The exposition turned out to be bright, informative and very “tasty”. How the sweet chronicle of the enterprise developed, sweets and chocolate themselves will best tell. The showcase with samples of colorful boxes of past years, and photographs of products that were produced here earlier are dedicated to them. For those who are especially curious, at the end of the exposition there is a canvas bag filled with real cocoa beans, which is delivered to Belarus from distant, hot Africa. They can be touched, smell, examined from all sides.

A lot of space is occupied by the creation of modern masters of confectionery art - handmade curly chocolate. Attention is drawn to chocolate picturesque paintings with storks soaring above the wheat ears, images of the most significant places of Belarusian cities, gift sets and exclusive sweet souvenirs.

The surprises do not end there. Frequent guests of the factory’s new brand stores are already familiar with the novelty - an unusual tree on which the most beloved chocolates that have stood the test of time “grow”. The tree is illuminated from the inside, which gives it volume and a sense of augmented reality. In the cafeteria - a little later - the miracle tree will speak. It will tell about each of the 15 sweets, the exceptional taste of which was created decades ago and still remains unchanged, and the sweets themselves are in demand and revered. Just imagine: the famous liquor bottles appeared in the 1960s, when no one knew about molds! Each candy was cast almost by hand, glued, and the filling was injected ... with a syringe.

Start the day right

There is never much chocolate. As there are no people who do not like him, even if they say the opposite. A day that starts with a cup of hot chocolate is simply doomed to be successful. The assortment of the coffee shop will also help to verify this: various drinks and teas, impeccable, languid, viscous hot chocolate - milk and bitter, with and without an ice cream. Sweets and chocolates are sold exclusively handmade, which gourmets will definitely appreciate, and boxes of luxury products in gift wrapping. Having a cup of flavored chocolate, you can not only relax and enjoy a delicious delicacy.

In happiness and joy

After the reconstruction, the cafe area increased almost three times. They made sure that visitors appreciated not only the taste of chocolate, but also the atmosphere. At first glance, the room seems unified and completely open to customers. At the same time, you can feel comfortable and solitary. Cozy cabins for four people, soft red leather sofas are located around the perimeter, around the main showcase, combined with a bar counter. And a small gift from the organizers - a stylish place for only two.

The French ceiling, an island bar counter, columns along the walls (all this is the color of dark chocolate), a beige shaded marble floor, imitation of arched windows with pictures of city life in each booth - the spirit of sophistication and respectability hangs here. A huge video wall gives a special atmosphere to the interior, showing videos from production and online music programs. And two smaller screens are located in the hall.

Cafe can become an extremely convenient and enjoyable place for children's parties, corporate parties. And also a cozy metropolitan area where it is easy to just relax and enjoy the true taste of chocolate.

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